Small/medium businesses

We love businesses with under $5M of revenue, but a ton of potential.

While we're not locked into any industries, we look for the ability to leverage larger trends to unlock growth.

There are passive investors or active inventors

We're Hyperactive investors

If you're an entrepreneur with a business that's got more potential than you can reach alone, let's talk!

You keep most of the pie

As serial entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of founders, and the importance of equity.

We typically take 20%-33% equity positions in our portfolio companies

Some of the companies we've help grow

Contact Us:   +1.2039030116

What we look for, and how we work

We bring tools

From CRM, to marketing automation, HR and more, we've built every area in a business and know how to do it.

By partnering with Gnostic Ventures, every area of your business can be leveled up where needed to achieve our shared objective for growth.

We are a different kind of investor, looking for different kinds of opportunities. Getting our hands dirty doing the hard work of building great businesses is what we're into. As award winning founders and CEO's, we know how to make growth happen, and bring all of the resources needed to do it.

Be your Partner

Far more than a board member, we sign up to play a key role on your management team.

Most business owners don't have management depth to help them through the tough road to growth. We become that partner.